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Welcome to Ang Mo Liang Teh

Our story begins in 2020, when most of us are just trying to make ends meet under the dreaded Covid19 pandemic. Circuit Breaker gave us the opportunity to try out a myriad of beers, and we fell in love with it.

Beer for Everyone

With all the time in the world, we were able to try out different styles of beers and their unique flavour profiles. We are not connoisseurs or claim to be, we see ourselves more of aficionados. What works for us, might not work for you, and that's the beauty of craft beer.

What is Ang Mo Liang Teh

Beer in Singapore, often known colloquially as "Ang Mo Liang Teh", is the Hokkien dialect translation of Western herbal/cooling tea. This age-old term is still commonly used locally, especially amongst the older generation when referring to the ice cold beverage that we all come to love.

Ang Mo Liang Teh started during the pandemic in 2020, when we were bored of staying home and drinking to the same old commercial beers.

We were curious about alternatives and stumbled upon the world of craft beer. Since then, it is all we live, breathe and rave about. Craft beer is gaining momentum in Singapore, and gulping down a bottle of ice cold beer after slogging at work ends the day on a super awesome note.

Hence, we started this bottle shop because we were tired of drinking crappy and boring commercial beer and believe all beer drinkers should experience the difference.

We aim to provide the freshest and tastiest beers, and we want to help you find something that you will enjoy. Head over to our store today and choose from our wide selection of quality craft beer.

Ang Mo Liang Teh is here on that exciting beer discovery journey with you. By sourcing, breaking down and providing you with the best beer related content, there's no better time than now to drink better beer.

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Cos we are instructed by the gahmen to warn you that if you are 18 and below, and you buy our awesome tasting beers, you will also receive an awesome fine. Very jialat one, don't play.


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