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Welcome to Ang Mo Liang Teh

Our story begins in 2020, amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the Circuit Breaker, we found solace and excitement in exploring a myriad of beers, and it quickly became a passion we couldn't ignore.

Beer for Everyone

With time on our hands, we delved into the diverse and flavourful world of craft beer, discovering unique styles and taste profiles. We consider ourselves aficionados, not connoisseurs, and we believe that the beauty of craft beer lies in its variety. What we love might be different from what you enjoy, and that's perfectly okay.

What is Ang Mo Liang Teh

In Singapore, beer is often affectionately called "Ang Mo Liang Teh," a Hokkien term meaning Western or Caucasian cooling tea. This phrase is still commonly used, especially among the older generation, to describe the beloved cold beverage.

Ang Mo Liang Teh was born from the boredom of drinking the same old mainstream beers during the pandemic. Our curiosity led us to the exciting world of craft beer, and it quickly became our obsession. As craft beer continues to gain popularity in Singapore, we believe there's nothing better than unwinding with a refreshing craft beer after a long day.

We launched Ang Mo Liang Teh because we were tired of the mundane and wanted to share the joy of craft beer with fellow enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide the freshest, tastiest beers, helping you find your new favourite brew. Visit our store today to explore our extensive selection of high-quality craft beers.

At Ang Mo Liang Teh, we're committed to guiding you on your beer discovery journey. We source, curate, and deliver the best beer-related content, ensuring there's no better time than now to experience superior craft beer. Cheers to discovering your next favorite beer with Ang Mo Liang Teh!

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Ah Lai check ic

Cos we are instructed by the gahmen to warn you that if you are 18 and below, and you buy our awesome tasting beers, you will also receive an awesome fine. Very jialat one, don't play.


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