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Salt Beer Factory

Salt Beer Factory

Founded in 2018, the vision for SALT was 3 years in the planning. We aimed to create a modern, accessible brand, embedded in the local community of the UNESCO World Heritage Village of Saltaire. We strive to produce exceptional hop-forward beer and couple this with a valuable brand experience.
Our purpose is to create pleasure through beer โ€“ This is why we exist. Craft beer is our means to impact people above beyond their taste buds.

As a small team of people who are dedicated to our craft, we share the same vision โ€“ โ€˜To be renowned for exceptional beer, unique experiences and being a positive force amongst our communityโ€™
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Ah Lai check ic

Cos we are instructed by the gahmen to warn you that if you are 18 and below, and you buy our awesome tasting beers, you will also receive an awesome fine. Very jialat one, don't play.


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