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Why Did I Start Ang Mo Liang Teh

Why Did I Start Ang Mo Liang Teh

Since we previously talked about Ang Mo Liang Teh, I think it’s also appropriate to touch on why I wanted to go into this business.

I am an avid beer drinker. And although I do occasionally feel boujee and splurge on whiskey, wines, cocktails, gin, and whatnot, I still go back to the ever-friendly malty and hoppy beer. To me, it is the easiest, non-pretentious beverage besides water, and you can drink it almost anywhere, even while on the move. Think about how weird it’ll be walking and drinking away from a whiskey bottle.

So beers to me generally do not require a specific setting, as long as it is cold, all is good. Of course, it can be made even better when there’s a good company #goodbeergoodcompany. Beer is also relatively affordable, as compared to other alcoholic beverages and it can be paired with almost any food you can find. For generations beer and peanuts go hand in hand, some may even feel something amiss when there’s nothing to munch on while sipping a cold one. Now, think about the dissonance when peanuts are served with wines or whiskey, weird AF.

Singapore went through a lockdown somewhere in April last year, and like many of the non-essentials, I was stuck at home. So, what other better things to do than to drown my sorrows in the most affordable alcoholic beverage there is? I even had a virtual drinking session with some of my mates through video conferencing. It was also then I was introduced to the world of craft beer, as I got bored of drinking the common commercial beers. I thought to myself that there must be something better than this crap that I’m drinking, and since we do not know when we’ll ever get out of the Circuit Breaker, might as well take the opportunity to try out as many as I can. And that was what I did.

The thing about craft beer is that it is an experimental journey, some of them I have come to enjoy, while others not so much. Everyone has different opinions about it and that is what makes it interesting, and the more we talked about the beers, the more intriguing it gets.

Anyhow, fast forward to today, the journey that I went through trying out the different beers was deeply etched into my mind, and I enjoyed that process. I feel that craft beer is something that has to be experienced and therefore, the AMLT bottle shop is here as an experience center for anyone interested in giving craft beer a shot, and also for friends to gather and mingle.

With that, I humbly welcome you to the AMLT bottle shop, pick something and give it a try, you might just find something that intrigues you. We are located at 121 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-06 S150121. See you soon and cheers!
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