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What Makes Craft Beer, Craft Beer?

What Makes Craft Beer, Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a popular choice for many people, and for good reason. It's a tasty, refreshing drink that pairs well with so many foods. There's just one problem: What exactly makes a craft beer a craft beer? Is it the ingredients? The taste profile? The location of the brewery or how local it is? All three are important factors, but they're not the only ones—there are plenty more reasons why you should buy your next six-pack from your local craft beer store, like Ang Mo Liang Teh!

Craft beer starts with the ingredients.

The first step in making craft beer is to choose the right ingredients. Craft brewers use more expensive, high-quality ingredients than macro breweries do and they also source more of their ingredients locally.

That’s because craft beer has a stronger focus on supporting local businesses and communities than mainstream beers do. And it’s those extra steps that separate craft beers from other kinds of suds: instead of using cheap grains that have been milled into fine particles with steam-powered rollers, small breweries use whole grains ground by hand (with the help of machine of course).

Craft beers have a more complex taste profile.

Craft beers are complex, and they're not just a marketing push to sell you something. They require different types of hops, malt and yeast. They also use different types of water, barrels and fermentation techniques (depending on the style).

For example, an IPA is usually made with more hops than a lager or stout because there's a greater emphasis on the hop flavour in IPAs. This often results in higher alcohol content but also gives it more flavour complexity that's missing from lower ABV beers.

Craft breweries make their beers to suit their customers' tastes.

Craft breweries also have a unique relationship with their customers. Customers are more likely to develop loyalty for a brewery’s products and brews, and the brewers themselves are often very involved in the community. For example, some craft breweries have started creating special beers for specific charities or events—such as offering free beer on certain days of the week if you donate non-perishable items to charity or hosting food drives at local grocery stores. Additionally, many craft brewers are environmentally friendly because they want their customers to know that they care about protecting the earth from climate change and pollution.

Craft beers are a product of the brewer's passion.

Craft beers are a product of the brewer's passion. You've heard that before, but what does it mean? In short, craft brewers want to share their passion with you through the quality of their product and its experience. They take great pride in everything they do—from choosing ingredients to creating recipes and even branding (yes, those labels aren't just for show)—and it shows in every sip you take.

You can find craft brewers and craft beer bars near you!

You can find craft brewers and craft beer bars near you! If you're interested in going to bars that serve only craft beer, try searching for "craft beer bars near me" on Google. There's bound to be some awesome ones nearby!

If you'd rather not leave home but still want access to all the wonderful flavours that come from brewing small batches with love and care (and without any preservatives), check out our store, Ang Mo Liang Teh! We've got over 100 different brews from various countries!


We hope that this blog has helped you understand what makes craft beer different from other types of beers. The next time you're out with friends at your local pub or brewery, be sure to ask the bartender if they have any craft brews available. If so, try one! You might be surprised by how much better it tastes than the macro-brews on tap - and how great it makes you feel knowing that there are people out there who care about their product enough to make it themselves without relying on outsourced ingredients or mass production machines made overseas.

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